Inflatable Equipment Accessories for Sale


Sports Jousting Poles


Don't miss out on the action by forgetting to include red & blue jousting poles. Heavily cushioned these jousting poles are made to knock out your apponents as you claim your victory as last man standing!

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Bungee Run Vest


Don't Forget to Include your Bungee Run Vests. These Vests allow for extra protection as you race across the bungee run lane against your apponent. Whether you're shooting hoops,jousting or running these vests are the extra protection you need!

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Bungee Run Batons


No Bungee Run Race is complete without the color batons!! Made with fabric that's colorful,easy to grip and light these batons are the perfect accessories for any race! Don't Miss out on the fun, grab these batons and pass them on while they last!

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Bungee Run Plate & Shock Chords


Want to make a regular race more interesting?! With these Bungee Run Shock & Plate Cords YOU CAN! The strechable cords that attach to the back of the Bungee Run Unit adds a challenge for any competitive runners!

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Air Bungee Replacement Pad


Do you have a Air Jumper System that needs a replacement jumper pad? We have it here at Bounce Time Inflatable! You will be flying high again in no time! You can also find any other accessory from repair kits to tarps,ground stakes and more!

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12" and 18" Ground Stakes


Grab a pack of Ground Stakes today! You'll find these extra ground stakes useful when your rentals are getting overbooked! These ground stakes come in 12" or 18" sizes in either 25 or 100 packs! Secure your event knowing your party will run smoothly!

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Vinyl Glue/Cement


Have a small tear in your inflatable? You can now repair your own unit with this vinyl glue! Cut a small patch of vinyl material and add this glue to secure your inflatable! We also have repair kits and we will give advice on repairs for our inflatables if needed!

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Our webbing comes in two different sizes in different colors. Standard webbing is stocked in Black and Heavy Duty is stocked in Blue.Each roll is 100 yards in length. It is available in 1" and 2" widths. Black comes in both 1" and 2", Red and Blue are stocked in 1" Heavy Duty and Rainbow is 2" Heavy Duty.

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Zipper Glue On Deflation Flap


Add a zipper to your inflatable with this easy and durable glue on zipper. You can now easily deflate, seal and store your units for even longer periods now! Hassel free and easy to apply! Find other repair kits, and accesories here, we also offer some repair services for our units!

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Attachable Water Release Flap


Getting excess water out of your inflatables is now made easy with thgis simple water release flap!

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Heavy Duty Storage Bag


Seal your units in this durable heavy duty storage bag for longer use and prevent extra damages!

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Fix My Tear Vinyl repair Tape


fixmytear is made from thermoplastic polyurethane, which has extremely high tensile strength, flexibility and abrasion resistance.

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Vinyl Heavy Duty Tarps


Get more use out of your units using our heavy duty Vinyl ground tarps,our vinyl tarps gives more protection than the regular tarps!

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Ground Tarps


Use our ground tarps to cover and protect your units from small damages while storing them!

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50lbs Sand Bag Covers


Can't use pegs, no problem we've got you covered with our 50lbs sand bag covers. These will help to keep your units in place and secure during any rental!

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Woven PVC Vinyl Commercial Grade


Purchase a roll of vinyl for all your repairs and needs! Choose from a great selection of colors!

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4/12/17 11:09 AM
Commerical Carnival Bounce House with Hoop For Sale

$1599 On Sale $1299

Carnival Bounce House with Hoop

More Info-Sale Ends 04/30/17
Commerical Palm Tree Bounce House with Hoop For Sale

$1599 On Sale$1149

3-D Palm Tree Jumper For Sale

More Info-Sale Ends 04/30/17

$1499 On Sale$1149

Classic Module Jumper For Sale

More Info-Sale Ends 04/30/17

$1599 On Sale$1149

Pink Princess Castle Module with Basketball Hoop.

More Info-Sale Ends 04/30/17


Big Top Carnival 5-in-1.

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3-1 Module Combo Double Slide Inflatable For Sale

$2499 On Sale$1499

3-1 Module Combo Double Slide

More Info-Sale Ends 04/30/17


30' Noah Ark with Pool

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Inflatable Crayons - 5in1 Wave Slide For Sale

$2699 On Sale $2199

Crayons - 5in1 Wave Slide

More Info-Sale Ends 04/30/17
Commercial Inflatable 27' Rainbow Slip and Slide with Pool


27' Rainbow Slip and Slide with Pool

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Commercial Inflatable 22' Fire and Ice Water Slide For Sale


22' Fire and Ice Water Slide

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18' Panel Water Slide

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Sea Splash Two-Sided Water Slide


Sea Splash Two-Sided Water Slide.

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Hippo Interactive

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Knock It Off Archery

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Wipeout Interactive

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Hopping Ponies

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1 Piece Obstacle Course 30'

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1 Piece Obstacle Course 35'

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2 Piece Obstacle Course 42'

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2 Piece Obstacle Course 60'

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