WAT-RC43825 25′ Single Lane El Fuego Volcano Slide Detachable Landing

$7,999.00 $5,299.00

At 25′ the El Fuego Volcano Slide is our tallest and most exciting commercial inflatable water slide.  The lava design features a bright red, orange, and gray marble scheme to give the appearance of HOT lava flowing down a volcano. Who needs a water park? Hurry now and catch this deal while you can!

El Fuego 25′ wet/dry Slide Commercial Inflatable 43’X18.5’X25 ‐ P16

This huge 25′ tall slide is a real show stopper. Red, orange marble, 3-D graphics printed in 900 DPI. Appropriately named El Fuego, Spanish for fire this huge slide looks and feels like a realistic volcano.

This unit can take our “lava rush curved landing, inflatable pool, or one of our slip n’ dips.

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